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Third Party Repurchase Offers

An Important Message Regarding Third Party Repurchase Offers through Kalos Financial

Many non-traded investment companies extend the opportunity each quarter where the company will repurchase limited amounts of shares directly from the shareholder at a discounted price.  This is called a Quarterly Repurchase Offer and is typically for the purpose of emergency liquidity as the shares are repurchased at a price lower than the purchase price.

When an investment company offers to repurchase a set number or percentage of its shares on a pro-rata basis from all shareholders, it is called a tender offer.  There is a tender offer price, and forms to complete and return before a posted deadline date.  Usually a tender offer is part of a liquidity event for the investment. Existing or anticipated.

There are several non-affiliated companies who send solicitations to shareholders that they call “tender offers”.  The third party also sends shareholders the paperwork necessary to transfer ownership of your shares to them.  This is not a tender offer or quarterly repurchase offer.  It is a third -party unsolicited offer and should be disregarded.  Offers of this type are frequently mailed when the investment companies themselves mail client communication on a specific product in an attempt to add confusion and are often an attempt to profit at your expense.

These offers are not to be mistaken for a genuine tender offer or Quarterly Repurchase Offer from the investment company. This letter is a reminder to confirm the authenticity of all communication you receive regarding your investments.  Any official correspondence regarding an authentic tender offer and/or liquidity event will come directly from the investment company and will be closely followed by communication from our office with additional information and action to be taken.

Several of the third party companies named below participate in the practice of sending unsolicited “tender offers” and “mini-tender offers” and have no affiliation with Integrated Financial Services or any of the non-traded investment companies we offer:

CMG Partners LLC, Central Trade & Transfer, Mackenzie Capital Partners, MacKenzie Blue Ridge Fund III, LP, MPF Northstar Fund, LP, MPF Northstar Fund 2, LP, MacKenzie Northstar Fund 3, LP, MacKenzie Badger Acquisition Co. 4, LLC, MacKenzie Northwest Fund, LP, AHY Institutional Investors, Ltd., MPF Blue Ridge Fund I, LLC, MPF Blue Ridge II, LLC, MPF DeWaay Premier Fund 2, LLC, MPF DeWaay Premier Fund 3, LLC, MPF Flagship Fund 12, LLC, MPF Flagship Fund 13, LLC, MPF Flagship Fund 14, LLC, Mackenzie Flagship Fund 15, LLC, MPF DeWaay Fund 7, LLC, MP Income Fund 12, LLC, MPF Opportunity Fund, LP, and Coastal Realty Business Trust (each an entity where MacKenzie Capital Management, LP is the manager, trustee or general partner, collectively “MacKenzie”).

As always, if you have questions, please contact your Client Services Concierge directly.